There are two different types of equipment that we offer at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc.: used equipment, and the other is refurbished medical equipment. Often people assume these are the same type of equipment, but there are differences that may be important to your lab.

What is Used?

Not all medical equipment companies sell used equipment from trusted sources. At MYCO Instrumentation, we buy our used equipment from companies which have had long-standing relationships with MYCO. We know their business and have gotten quality equipment from them in the past. We also know the instruments inside and out meaning that we know what problems to look for and which instruments do not stand up well over time. Some ask why we don’t test this equipment. The answer is that we trust our sellers and if anything were ever to go wrong with a piece of equipment we sold, we would replace or refund the purchase immediately.

What is Refurbished?

With refurbished medical equipment, we test the equipment, disassemble the components and upgrade everything to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. This may mean upgrading the software, changing out consumables, replacing mechanisms that are worn or even replacing components if they have been upgraded by the manufacturer.

What you will be purchasing when you buy refurbished medical equipment is a like-new used model. We will also replace any covers or casing, so the external or cosmetic look of the unit is like new as well.
The benefit of refurbished systems and equipment is that it will have a warranty. The length of the warranty will depend on the type of equipment. This provides our customers with the same reassurance as if they were buying new equipment directly from the manufacturer.

Of course, the biggest factors in choosing refurbished or used equipment is the cost savings. Many of our models are selling at up to 70% reduction from the new price, making this a great choice for any lab or testing facility. Contact us today or browse our selection online. 800-414-7169