Replacing current medical and analytical equipment with new or refurbished models from MYCO Instrumentation is a great way for medical labs to increase capacity, throughput, and speed, as well as accuracy of testing. While this is a major benefit for the lab, it also creates the problem of surplus medical equipment in the lab or testing facility.

We Buy Used Equipment

While it may be practical to retain the used equipment for supplemental testing and analytical purposes, it is often simply inconvenient and ineffective given space and storage considerations. In addition, as equipment ages, the greater the risk it will simply become obsolete as new technology, techniques, automation options, and system features are developed.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we purchase gently used medical equipment. Many of our customers sell us their existing equipment and offset the cost of the used or refurbished equipment purchase. This is not only a great financial option, but also saves time, challenges, and stress in trying to coordinate a private sale.

What to Know

Our used equipment buyers take the time to explain the process to our customers. We pay 100% of the price we offer on the equipment before it leaves your facility. Not all companies do this, which can create a problem if the equipment is taken “on inspection” and then fails once it arrives at the company.

When this happens, the seller is responsible for the shipping costs and in returning the initial partial payment offered by the company buying the equipment. These unscrupulous companies are counting on the fact the seller will not do this, and they are able to keep the equipment and just pay the small initial payment amount.

Before selling any gently used equipment, make sure you have a contract and receive 100% of the price the buyer is quoting. If you have equipment to sell, contact us today at 800-414-7169. At MYCO Instrumentation, we can discuss the purchase of gently used analytical and medical equipment and answer any of your process-related or general questions.