With the constant evolution and improvement in testing options, patients and doctors are able to more effectively pinpoint and diagnose health issues that were extremely difficult to determine in the past.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we recognize that this increasing demand for sophisticated types of lab testing means that labs have to constantly upgrade their equipment. We also know just how costly this can be, which is why we offer like new, used chemistry lab equipment.

To assist you in getting the best possible price for used chemistry lab equipment from our website, or if you want to compare our equipment to other companies, here are some simple tips to make the best choice in equipment.

Buy on Reputation

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we have a top reputation as both a used chemistry lab equipment seller and buyer. We encourage our customers to check out reviews from our past customers, but our 30 plus years in business also is an indicator of our top performance.

Of course, also consider the reputation of the type of chemistry lab equipment you are selecting. We only carry top lines and manufacturers, and we see that an important aspect of quality systems for our customers. We encourage our customers to ask questions; our team is here to help and provide the necessary information.

Don’t Buy from a Broker

We are a used and refurbished medical equipment company. We personally inspect, test and repair all of the equipment we sell. This is very different than a broker or online site that is a third-party involved in the sale.

Brokers and third-party sites never actually see the equipment, they simply go on the word of the seller. This makes it very challenging for buyers to know and understand the quality of the equipment, a situation that is always risky for the buyer.