Siemens is one of the top providers and manufacturers of testing equipment for numerous industries, including medical fields across the world. Siemens is world renowned for its technology and innovative solutions to everyday industry issues.

Medical Equipment with the Siemens Name

Siemens Healthcare division boasts it is one of the largest healthcare equipment providers in the world. They are a proven trendsetter in the areas of laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging, and medical machinery as small as individual hearing aids. Siemens equipment is probably the most widely used single provider in the healthcare industry. You will find Siemens equipment in operating rooms, oncology practices, medical imaging centers, and various other practices. Even anesthesiologists and dentists use Siemens equipment. Siemens takes great pride in knowing their ultrasound equipment has been touted as the best ultrasound equipment money can buy.

Equipment Used Worldwide

You will probably find something from Siemens in virtually any medical facility in the world! From your doctor’s office, to your hospital’s operating and emergency rooms, the Siemens name is there. And in some cases, that equipment came from the professionals at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc.

We sell a wide variety of refurbished and used Siemens equipment. And when it comes to used and/or refurbished Siemens medical equipment, MYCO has you covered, offering at any given time, a full, and very complete line of refurbished and used Siemens medical equipment.

Whether you are in the market for a chemistry analyzer, coagulation analyzer, immunology analyzer, hematology analyzer or urinalysis analyzer we offer an array of Siemens medical equipment that is well suited to meet the demanding needs of your practice or laboratory setting.

Since 1978, our team of professionals work to help our clients choose the best equipment depending on the particular set of requirements. We understand the equipment we sell and you can depend on us for the information you need to make a careful purchasing decision.

For more information or to learn more about this and other refurbished and used Siemens equipment, contact the professionals at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. today.