Here at MYCO Instrumental, Inc. we are an industry leader when it comes to providing refurbished and used medical equipment. Our impressive selection of used Gas Chromatography equipment currently includes:

  • Agilent 5975 Inert MSD with 6850 GC from Agilent Technologies
    This full sized gas chromatography is surprisingly compact while offering the performance of a full sized chromatography machine. This bench top unit is an extremely compact bench top model, making it absolutely perfect for the lab doing simple, routine analysis.
  • Agilent Technologies 1200 HPLC System
    This preowned Agilent Technologies 1200 HPLC System comes complete with a G1339B FC/ALS Therm, G1312B Bin Pump SL, G1379B Degasser, G 1367 D Hip-ALS SL+, and more. Literally everything you will need to perform these critical tests on site.
  • Dionex LC20 HPLC System
    This refurbished model has been completely tested by the McKinley Scientific Tea, and is guaranteed to operate like new. The system comes compete with Dionex LC20 chromatography enclosure, Dionex AD20 absorbance detector, Dionex GP50 gradient pump, and a Dionex ED40 electrochemical detector.
  • Thermo Accela LC System by Thermo Scientific
    This pump is a low=pressure quaternary mixing pump featuring a built in solvent degassing system as well as a pump dampening system. This unit is perfect for the flow rate required for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Professional Customer Service

You can rely on the professionals at MYCO Instrumentation to help guide you in the selection of a used gas chromatography equipment best suited for your needs.

Benefits of Buying Used

Buying equipment a significant financial advantage for your medical practice or laboratory operation. The cost of new equipment can stretch some providers beyond their budget constraints. Buying used equipment that has been thoroughly checked out and vetted for function and accuracy gives you the same capabilities as if you had bought a new model.

For more information or to learn more about this and other refurbished and used gas chromatography equipment we offer, contact the professionals at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. today.

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