One of the principal advantages of buying an Applied Systems genetic analyzer from MYCO Instrumentation is our inventory and selection of options. As Applied Biosystems offers a range of different sizes, models and features on their genetic analyzers, having this selection is important to match the equipment to your lab and testing requirements.

Our staff is here to help you to get the right equipment for your needs. We provide a full listing of the details of each of the Applied Systems genetic analyzer models we currently have on-hand. However, if you have a particular model you are interested in that isn’t listed in our current inventory let us know. Our team of buyers has networks throughout the research and testing community, and we can often track down specific models for our customers quickly and for a very fair used or refurbished equipment price.

If you are replacing another model or make of genetic analyzer with one from Applied Systems, here are three important considerations to keep in mind.

Space Requirements

There are different sizes and options in Applied Systems genetic analyzer models that are ideal for small labs to very large facilities. Smaller models are designed to be used on as a benchtop model are easily integrated with current lab configurations. The larger models may require additional space considerations in a small lab or testing facility.

Analysis Requirements

The Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers us the Sanger sequencing technology. They can be designed to provide sequencing and fragmentation analysis on the same run and, with the larger systems, they can be fully automated.

Throughput Requirements

The size does make a difference in the throughput, and it is critical to know your testing requirements. The small system can complete 192 samples per day while the largest system, the 3730XL series, can complete 6912 samples per day.

For help on choosing the genetic analyzer that is right for your lab, get in touch with our sales staff today. Contact us through the website or give us a call at 800-414-7169.