It is often surprising to find out the number of laboratories, hospitals and medical testing facilities that are not involved in selling their existing medical equipment inventory when they replace existing machines and equipment.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we operate as both a buyer and a seller of quality used medical laboratory equipment. This allows our team to work with the facility to not simply replace the existing equipment with a low cost, newer model but also to remove the old equipment.

There are many different reasons as lab may decide to sell used medical equipment . Here are some of the most common that our customers report when they call MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. to get a price and to arrange pickup of the equipment.

Offset Replacement Equipment Costs

When you work with us, you can arrange to sell used medical equipment and to purchase the replacement upgrade all from the same company. This makes it a simple, easy and efficient process where out buyers and sellers will coordinate to limit any disruption to your lab or testing facility.

Free Up Storage Space

Most testing facilities and labs have a shortage of storage facilities, not an abundance. By taking the opportunity to sell used medical equipment or at least the existing equipment, there is no need to arrange for storage.

It is also important to keep in mind that systems are continually evolving and becoming more advanced. What is cutting edge today is obsolete in just a few years in many types of equipment. By choosing to sell at the time of replacement, it is possible to maximize your potential income from the sale of the old, existing equipment.