One of the advantages of working with our team at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. is our ability to not only offer a wide range of options in models and manufacturers for any type of laboratory or medical equipment but also in our experience in working with multiple brands and models.

A manufacturing giant dating back to 1847, Siemens produces some of the best medical testing equipment on the market. Our selection of used Siemens equipment varies with inventory availability but typically includes chemistry, hematology, coagulation and immunization analyzers. We can also search and find specific models for customers if what they are looking for is not in our current sale inventory.

There are several reasons why used Siemens equipment is in such high demand. A quick review of the long track record for the company in providing state-of-the-art equipment and systems will provide you with the details.

Automation Potential

Seimens was one of the first manufacturers to look towards creating analyzers and equipment that would be ideal for integrating into the emerging use of automation in medical labs as well as research and testing facilities.

By choosing used Siemens equipment with this potential, it is easy to build a lab for the future with the purchases made today.

Scalability for the Lab

As testing and analysis requirements become more demanding, having the ability to quickly scale up to meet lab client needs will be critical. Many of the Seimens systems and equipment options are designed with fast analysis features that provide maximum workflow to easily scale up testing abilities.

Top Range of Equipment

Unlike some laboratory equipment manufacturers, Siemens is focused on providing the right sized equipment for the individual lab. They offer low-volume testing and analysis equipment that we can offer for very low costs, perfect for a small testing facility.

For large volume and continual use applications, we also carry Seimens equipment that is more than capable of keeping up with testing needs. To find out more, talk to our experts at 800-414-7169.