Making the decision to purchase a used chemistry analyzer for a lab can be a very cost-effective solution. It also provides the lab with the specific equipment needed at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.

In some labs, used chemistry equipment is purchased to boost workflow, allowing for greater lab capacity and throughput. Other labs may choose used equipment for specialized types of testing and analysis requirements, maintaining large capacity testing and analysis systems for routine runs and testing needs.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we understand the importance of having a good selection of both used and refurbished chemistry analyzers on hand. Our inventory includes large systems for high workload capacity labs, as well as smaller units that can easily be used in smaller labs with limited space but no less stringent testing and analysis requirements.

Choosing the Size and Model

Different manufacturers have different features on their chemical analyzers, and one of the benefits of buying used equipment is the ability to compare features between different brands and models on one website.

In addition, the team at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. can provide information and insight into the different features. If you are looking for a specific or rare model, our staff can always work with our buyers to locate used equipment within our network that meets your needs.

Capacity for Analysis

The capacity of a chemical analyzer is always an essential consideration. The time it takes to run tests, the volume of samples that can be tested with and run, and other factors need to be matched to the specific needs of the lab.
In the details provided for each model, we offer in inventory, specifics as to testing capacity, work throughput and other types of operating requirements are listed for each model.

For more information on any of the equipment in our inventory, call us today at 800-414-7169.