Medical equipment is an investment in the caliber of services a laboratory, testing center or healthcare facility can provide. In selecting used medical equipment buyers may be concerned about getting quality equipment, or avoiding equipment that is old, unusable or simply overpriced.

These concerns are genuine, with the good news that there are simple ways to safeguard your online purchases of used medical equipment. By taking a bit of time as a buyer to get to know the seller, anyone can buy online with confidence in the equipment they will receive.

Seller Reputation

Over the last four decades, MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. has worked with hospitals, labs, testing facilities and research facilities to deliver top-quality used medical equipment. Our reputation precedes us in the industry, and we have many of our customers who have purchased from us for years. This sends a clear message to new clients about our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Selection of Equipment

We also focus on procuring and providing the equipment our customers are looking for. This means newer models of the most recognized brands around the world, from Siemens, Roch, Tosoh, Bayer and Beckerman Coulter to Abbott, ABI, and Sysmex. We provide full details of the equipment on our online inventory pages, and we recommend calling us for the latest in inventory as our listing do change quickly, and the website may not always list all new equipment available.

If we do not have the equipment in our used or refurbished inventory, our team is able to work with our customers to search for the specific make and model of analytical and testing equipment required. Our extensive network makes it possible for our sales team to track down even difficult to find models to meet the needs of your facility.

Call us today at 800-414-7169 with any questions about our used medical equipment, including special equipment needs for items not listed on our website.