Investing in any type of laboratory equipment requires advanced research and investigation. Finding the ideal hematology analyzer is not always as simple as simply replacing the existing equipment with a similar system.

New advances in features, analysis option, integration into a current lab system as well as the testing capacity of the analyzers should always be compared and considered, particularly if the current model in use in the lab is older or is a basic type of system.

The MYCO Advantage

When you compare used hematology analyzers at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., there are several important factors that are readily available to assist you in making a choice as to the ideal system.

We offer a range of different equipment including ABX, Sysmex, Siemens, and Beckman-Coulter lines. Within each of the brands, different models are available, ensuring we have the equipment needed to work with the requirements of your lab facility. Details on the systems we offer in stock are provided in the model description area for the listing. This provides our customers with the information they need, with our team available to answer any additional questions.

Upgrading Possibilities

With the purchase of used hematology analyzers, our customers find they are saving over half the cost of new models. This cost saving can be used to upgrade the equipment under consideration. For some labs, this may include choosing a newer model with more advanced features, while for other labs the focus may be on increased testing and analysis capacity.

Understanding what features, functions, and factors are most important for your lab before you start searching is essential. As this does vary based on the type of lab, the typical testing volume and even the types of analysis required, there is no “best” option – many options can be viable.

If you are interested in one of our used hematology analyzers or if you need more information, give us a call today at 800-414-7169.