At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we have been buying and selling quality used medical and laboratory equipment for over three decades. This experience has given us a level of expertise in this area, which sets us apart from many of the other companies that are also in this specialized niche industry.

Where Used Equipment Comes From

While one part of our business is focused on sales, we also have a dedicated team of experts whose job is to buy medical equipment. These professionals work directly with labs and medical facilities to purchase the surplus equipment they have on hand.

Often this surplus equipment is a result of replacing with upgraded models or even with some of our refurbished or like-new used equipment that offers larger capacity or different testing parameters based on changing needs. Regardless of why the equipment is for sale, we can talk to you and, in most cases, arrange to buy medical equipment simply and easily with no stress or additional work for our customers.

Our buying staff will ask questions about the equipment and can arrange for shipping as well as any additional services required. Many types of lab equipment will need to be disinfected and decontaminated before shipping, let us know if you need assistance with this aspect of the sale.

Fair and Ethical

The focus when we buy medical equipment from one of our long-standing customers or for a first time client is to always focus on customer service. This includes providing a fair market price for the equipment given the condition, age, model and the demand for that specific device or instrument.