There are many different places to buy testing equipment and instruments for laboratories and medical facilities. There is always the option to buy new from the manufacturer, which is the most costly option to consider.

There’s good news, though. There is also the option to buy online from a used equipment broker service. This may offer lower prices than new, but it is more of a buyer beware option with no warranty and the broker simply acting as the facilitator of the deal. When buying used Roche equipment, this can leave the buyer without much recourse should the equipment arrives in poor condition or, even worse, failing to operate at all.

A better option is to use our website and our sales team to find the quality used Roche equipment that you need. There is a difference in working with MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. over the other options, and this will make all the difference in the world for your next equipment purchase.

Our Commitment to Quality Used Equipment

All the used Roche equipment we sell is sourced from a reputable seller in our network- a network that we’ve been building since 1979. Our reputation for providing quality used and refurbished medical, and testing equipment from leading manufacturers makes us stand out in the crowd.

If you are in need of used equipment and instrumentation from Roche or other manufacturers, get in touch with us today at 800-414-7169. You can also browse the website for current information on the models we have available.