At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., in order to sell quality used and refurbished medical and laboratory equipment, we musts first be buyers of equipment. In this role, our team of expert used medical equipment buyers can purchase the surplus medical equipment you may have on hand, or we can purchase any used equipment that is suitable for our market.

We are not your typical used medical equipment buyers. While other companies may try to use, shall we say, less than reputable options in working with sellers, we focus on ethical, transparent and fair buying agreements that help us to create relationships for years to come.

The Purchase Process

Our buyers will take a different approach to making a purchase than many other companies. Instead of working to make the process more difficult for you to understand, we make it as clear and open as possible.

Our used medical equipment buyers will provide a quote for the purchase price of the equipment. We will then make full payment to you before we remove the instrument from your facility.

This is very different than companies that pay you a percentage and then pay the rest after inspection. Our professionals have the ability to assess the value of the equipment accurately, and we pay up front, so you always know the amount you will receive before it leaves your hands.

Help as Needed

Should you need assistance with disinfecting and sterilizing the equipment prior to transportation, just let your buyer know. Our team has networks of technicians that can be used to provide the pre-shipment decontamination needed to transport the equipment safely and to prevent your team from having to find someone to do the job.