At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., many of our customers have been with us throughout many of our decades in the used medical and analytical equipment business. These research facilities, hospitals, labs and testing facilities trust the expert sales staff as well as our technicians in providing to quality like-new used and refurbished lab equipment.

Often the first time that a lab manager or a procurement manager for a large facility hears about used lab equipment, they automatically see it as a high-risk type of purchase. They may also see the various labels and terms used with our equipment for sale and not understand the differences and the protection and peace of mind we provide for all of our customers.

To help to demystify the terms seen with used lab equipment, here are the basics. Keep in mind, different companies may not offer the same levels of repair, testing, and upgrades we provide, so it will be essential to verify before making any assumptions.


The term “used” lab equipment just means that the equipment has been used in a lab. There’s no minimum or maximum number of uses. This does not mean the equipment is at the end of its life cycle or even that it has been used for more than occasional testing or analysis. All of our used equipment is sourced from our network of reputable sellers and its usage and wear and tear has been gauged before we offer it for sale.


Making a choice to purchase refurbished lab equipment is like buying a certified pre-owned car rather than a used car of the dealer lot. In other words, we have fully tested the equipment and replaced all worn parts with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and completed all upgrades and routine maintenance on the equipment.

These systems are in like-new condition both operationally and aesthetically. We do provide warranty on our equipment, just contact us today at 800-414-7169 to find out more.