With over three decades in the medical and laboratory testing equipment supply industry, the team at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. is uniquely positioned to help our customers to find the equipment for the exact needs of their lab.

In many cases, lab managers will have extensive experience with older equipment and some specific manufacturers, but they may not be aware of all the features, functions and benefits with some of the newer models on the market. That makes replacing old equipment with an identical used model especially attractive.

A good example of this is DNA sequencer known as the Illumina MiSeq 2. As a streamlined, advanced and compact system, it offers a top testing capacity and flexibility that is a match for most labs and certainly most small to mid-sized labs. Its features have changed little over the years and this consistency makes it easy to operate.

Benefits of the System

One of the main reasons that most labs are stepping up to the Illumina MiSeq 2 system is the ability to offer short sequencing run times with higher data and result quality. New technology in the system offers the ability to use the equipment for a wide range of applications from research in epidemics and disease control as well as for highly accurate small genome sequencing.

The versatility and flexibility of the system make this an ideal choice for small to mid-sized labs. They are also a low maintenance system that offers completely automated runs without the need for operator manual handling or processing. This not only saves time in the lab, allowing for up to twenty-four small genomes with each run, but it also provides direct data capture without any risk of human error.

With the option to use the Illumina MiSeq 2 in metagenomics sequencing as well as targeted sequencing testing, this is a practical and cost-effective piece of used or refurbished lab equipment to add to your facility.

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