As a top used laboratory equipment supplier, Myco Instrumentation, Inc. offers our customers a comprehensive line of products, customer service and expertise in the refurbish laboratory and testing equipment market.

We use only trained technicians in refurbishing our equipment and in completing repairs using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. We also provide equipment that is tested and sold in excellent working condition, which may also be a consideration based on your needs.

Customer Service Focus

When a used laboratory equipment supplier makes customer service a focus, you know you are working with a reputable business. These are companies willing to work with your lab, testing facility or medical health center to find the right equipment for your needs.
The Myco Instrumentation, Inc. staff is available to assist our customers in gathering information and specs, assisting with financing options and even arranging for the purchase of your old laboratory and medical testing equipment.

Top Inventory

Medical and laboratory equipment companies offering a good inventory of both refurbished and used equipment give you the most options. When there is a selection of models, manufacturers and prices in medical and laboratory equipment, you can make the right choice for your budget and your needs.

This ability to have choices will be essential in getting the right equipment for your needs. In some cases, you may find a better alternative device than you were originally considering, enhancing the ability to do more or be more efficient in the lab.

Along with models and options, competitive pricing on used or refurbished lab and medical equipment supplier will be a plus. Take the time to look at our equipment listing and compare our prices. You will find that Myco Instrumentation, Inc. is a highly competitive used laboratory equipment supplier, offering superior customer service and support for all of your equipment needs. Call or click through our inventory today to see what great deals you can find!