Many lab managers and those ordering equipment for hospitals or research facilities assume that the only option to consider when looking for a replacement genetic sequencer is to bite the bullet and buy a costly new model.
At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we can offer you other options that carry all the benefits of a new model without any of the concerns of buying used from a private seller or another lab.

What We Do

MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. is a used and refurbished equipment supplier. With locations in both Seattle as well as Miami, we can offer quality equipment to our customers across the United States or even internationally.

We don’t sell brand new equipment, but neither do we sell old, outdated or obsolete equipment. Instead, we work with labs and testing facilities across the country to purchase surplus medical, chemistry and laboratory testing equipment and then sell it to our customers. In many cases, the cost of this equipment will be at 50 to 70 percent of the cost of new equipment, even new equipment that is the same model and the most current system the manufacturer offers.

Used and Refurbished

With near-new equipment with minimal use, we often make the choice to sell this equipment as used, allowing our customers to find the models they want at incredible cost savings.

With each genetic sequencer we refurbish, our tech team will inspect the equipment and make sure all functions and features are fully operational. Refurbished models have been thoroughly inspected, and any worn parts are replaced with Original Equipment Manufacturer or equivalent parts. We also make sure the system is fully upgraded to the latest in software and technology for the model.

To find out more about how MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. can save you money on a like-new genetic sequencer, call us at 800-414-7169.