Vital Diagnostics Envoy 500

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Vital Diagnostics Envoy 500 

This system offers the below features:

Quality Control
Quality Control results are stored in memory and easily displayed on the screen. QC can be evaluated using up to six Westgard rules and displayed with either Levey-Jennings Graphs or Juden Plots.

Pre-Programmed Parameters
The Envoy Reagent application parameters are pre-loaded into the software, saving you time and eliminating the possibility of data entry mistakes.

Reagent Handling

Large Capacity
The Envoy 500 holds up to 40 individual Envoy reagents (mono or dual), providing a longer walk-away operation.

Refrigerated Reagent Tray
Onboard refrigeration and storage assures reagent stability, which increases reliability of results, while lowering laboratory costs.

Continuous Inventory Monitoring
Continuous inventory monitoring enables the operator to know the number of tests remaining for each reagent, minimizing waste.

Positive Reagent Identification
The reagent chamber contains an infrared barcode scanner capable of scanning Envoy bar coded reagents, automatically recognizing reagent position and lot expiration intervals.

Sample Handling

Sample Wheel
The Envoy 500 sample wheel has 52 positions available for patient samples and 26 for calibrators and controls providing your laboratory high throughput capability. Primary tubes or sample cups can be used, providing the testing flexibility you need.

Liquid Sensor Detection
Liquid sensor detection prevents reporting of invalid results from an insufficient sample. This ensures accurate results and proper treatment decisions.

Positive Sample Identification
The sample chamber contains an infared barcode scanner, capable of scanning your patient barcodes eliminating the need to manually enter patient information and reducing the risk of sample errors that can cost you time and money.


Dry Electrodes
The Envoy 500 utilizes a proven, dry, solid-state ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) that doesn’t need to be kept wet, reducing reagent consumption

Four Parameters
The ISE system has four electrodes, Na+, K+, Cl- and CO2, providing a complete test panel without adding an enzymatic procedure or using a traditional ‘wet’ electrode. This significantly reduces costs and maintenance time, while increasing reliability of results.

Reaction Cuvettes

Glass Cuvettes
The Envoy 500 contains 34 reusable glass cuvettes that are automatically washed on board, which eliminates the cost of expensive disposable cuvettes.

Increased Walk-away Time
The reusable glass cuvettes also provide your lab longer walk-away time than a system using disposable cuvettes, which requires you to return to the instrument to reload cuvettes on a regular basis.

Weight: 110 Lbs; vacuum pump 10 Lbs

Dimensions: 40(W) x 27(H) x 23(D) inches


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