Tosoh AIA 900

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Tosoh AIA 900 

This system offers the below features:

Tosoh AIA 900 offers:

  • Throughput of 90 tests per hour
  • Instrument can be re-configured as testing volumes increase
  • Utilizes Tosoh’s Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology
  • Available in three configurations:
  • a) Loader Model 35.04 (W) x 26.18 (D), 49.09 (H) inches
  • b) 9 Tray Sorter 50.79 (W) x 26.18 (D) x 49.09 (H) inches
  • c) 19 Tray Sorter 59.84 (W) x 26.18 (D) x 49.09 (H) inches
  • Allowing you to choose a system that’s just right for your laboratory workload


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