Siemens Advia 1650

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Siemens Advia 1650

This system offers the below features:

Microvolume technology
The ADVIA 1650 has minimal requirements for sample volume (as low as 2 µL/test), reagent consumption (as low as 80 µL/test) and water consumption (25 L/hour) – thus maximizing management efficiency.

Outstanding productivity
A rapid, 3-second cycle and system throughput of up to 1650 tests/hour provide powerful high-speed performance, ensure workflow efficiency through peak workloads. Optional universal rack handler facilitates continuous sample feeding for further productivity gains.

Unparalleled walkaway capability
On-board capacity of 200 samples and 32,000 tests – plus our exclusive Sample Saver Technology for automatic repeat, dilution and reflex testing without operator intervention – optimizes walkaway time, frees you to work on additional tasks.

Weight: 1,178 Lbs; Universal Rack Handler: 178 Lbs


Height: 45 x Width: 58 x Depth: 34 inches

ADVIA Rack Handler:
Height: 37 x Width: 29 x Depth: 40 inches


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