Shimadzu Nexera

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Shimadzu Nexera

This system offers the below features:

  • 40% Faster Injection Cycle Times—The Nexera delivers the fastest injection-to-injection cycle times of only nine seconds—six seconds faster than other systems—for time savings day after day, week after week.
  • Co-Injection Automation— The Nexera’s exclusive Co-Injection Automation can be used to perform derivatization within the sample loop before injection.  This easy-to-program automation yields excellent peak shapes by injecting a weaker solvent along with the sample.
  • Dual Injection System—The Nexera can perform two sample injections at once into independent flow channels. This is multiplexing made easy. Exclusive to Shimadzu, results can be summarized in a single report.
  • 33% Faster Autosampler Cooling— The Nexera cools samples quickly, going from ambient to 5 ˚C in 20 minutes—10 minutes faster than other instruments.


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