Roche Integr 400 Plus

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Roche Integr 400 Plus 

This system offer the below features:

Features   Benefits
Unique reagent cassette requires no manual reagent reconstitution, minimal calibration, and offers extended onboard stability   Increases efficiency and cost effectiveness by reducing operator time and reagent waste
Extensive test menu automates even esoteric tests, such as lithium and serum proteins   Reduces costs associated with labor-intensive manual procedures, send-outs, and multiple analyzers
36 onboard test capacity with fast, simple method changeover while the system is in operation   Allows less frequently requested assays to be easily consolidated onto one workstation
Pipetting integrity check includes sample level detection and clot detection   Enhances confidence in result accuracy. Clot detection management features assure effective onboard management of samples
Automatic reagent inventory with remaining test data stored in memory, even after a cassette has been removed from the system   Minimizes reagent waste due to method changeover


Up to 400 photometric tests per hour; up to 460 tests per hour with electrolytes


Onboard Test Capacity
32 refrigerated cassette positions plus four ISEs (Na+, K+, CL-, and Li+)


Dimensions (Tabletop Unit)
Width: 53.1 in. (135 cm)
Height: 29.5 in (75 cm)
Depth: 26 in. (66 cm)
Weight: 507 lbs. (230 kg)


Sample Volumes / Capacity / Containers
Up to 90 samples onboard via 15-position rack
5, 7 & 10 mL primary tubes and COBAS sample cups
Most chemistries use serum or plasma
2-10 µL sample volume per photometric test
Compatible bar codes: Codabar 2 of 7, Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128


Reagent Cassettes
50-800 tests per cassette, depending on test
Automatic reconstitution on analyzer, if required
6-12 week onboard stability
Calibration typically once per lot

Weight: 465 Lbs

Dimensions: 53(W) x 26(D) x 30(H) inches


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