Hitachi 912

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Hitachi 912

This system offers standardized technology. Reagents, calibrators and controls interchangeable with other Roche/Hitachi analyzers to minimize inventory, purchasing, and training costs. Consistent patient results throughout your health care system. Automated sample handling. 70 positions for routine, STAT and QC samples. 2-35 ml sample volumes. Intermix sample types. Intermix 5 ml, 7 ml, 10 ml primary sample tubes and sample cups. No adapters needed .Refrigerated inner ring for up to 20 standards and controls

Method capacity: 68 programmable chemistries, 46 parameter files, 32 methods on-board plus 3 ISEs, reagent bottles in 20 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes. Operator interaction by touch-screen, mouse or keyboard. Online, software stores 10,000 patient results and 5,000 QC tests. Intuitive software with contest-sensitive help. Processes up to 720 tests per hour from a test menu of greater than 100 assays. Consolidate multiple sample types including serum, plasma, urine and spinal fluid. Bar-coded Reagents: automatic reagent registration, automatic bottle changeover, automatic calibration tracking, random reagent placement.

The Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer is in fully functional condition ready to ship to your facility! Unlike virtually all of our competitors, GMI offers installation and training !

Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer Features

  • Very High Throughput
  • 46 programmable tests
  • STAT testing capability
  • Monochromatic, bi-chromatic, endpoint and kinetic assay types
  • Sampling rate: Once every 10 seconds for photometric chemistries, Once every 20 seconds for ISE
  • Simultaneous double endpoint and double kinetic
  • Photometric & ISE 760 test s/hour
  • Sample volume per test: 3 – 50ul
  • Reagent dispense volume is 25 – 350 mL
  • Total reaction vol. per test is 250 – 500 mL


  • Analyzer-661 Lbs
  • Control-196 Lbs.


  • Width: 41 inches (Disk version)
  • 74 inches (Rack version)


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