Hitachi 911

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Hitachi 911 

This system offers the below features:

  • Simultaneous double endpoint and double kinetic
  • Fully automated and discrete
  • Qualitative tests on a wide range of alalytes
  • Storage for 64 reagent containers
  • A Analytical Unit and a Control Unit

In addition it is capable of performing potentiometric and photometric assays. The Hitachi 911 analyzer is composed of two units. The analytical unit and the control unit: The Analytical unit consists of an ISE System– a photometric measuring system- and a CPU. The Control unit consists of a monitor (CRT)- a keyboard- and a printer. Features of the Hitachi 911 include; STAT results available quickly- ready to use 24 hours per day- 360 tests/hr throughput (photometric)- 720 tests/hr throughput with ISE (Ka+- Na+- Cl-)- 46 programmable tests- automatic calibration- and refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers.

Assay Types:
– Monochromatic
– Bi-chromatic
– Endpoint
– Kinetic
– Simultaneous endpoint and kinetic
– Endpoint with sample blanking
– Kinetic with sample blanking
– Simultaneous double endpoint and double kinetic

Analyzer Weight: 770 Lbs Data Manager Weight: 110 Lbs

Analyzer Dimensions: 44 x 40 x 30 inches Data Manager Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 30 inches

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