Beckman Unicel Dxi 800

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Beckman Unicel Dxi 800

This system offers the below features:

A technology continuum and identical reagents guarantee consistent patient results

·         Standardized design of reagent packs

·         Compatibility across immunoassay systems

·         Minimal reagent preparation or reagent management required

·         Bar-coded, liquid, ready-to-use reagents

·         Onboard capacity of 50 refrigerated reagent packs enhance flexibility — configure the system menu to match your testing requirements

·         A broad menu across a wide variety of disease states enables your laboratory to consolidate workstations

Simplified operation improves productivity

·         Load reagents and all consumables ‘on-the-fly’, without using the console computer or pausing the instrument, minimizing intervention

·         Easy-to-follow pictogram and indicator lights show which supplies need replenishment

·         Large volume supplies maximize walkaway capacity

Streamlined sample handling

·         Load capacity of 120 samples at once; continuous loading capability

·         Racks are compatible with SYNCHRON LX systems, decreasing sample handling across multiple systems

·         Racks can be loaded directly from the centrifuge, reducing manual processes

·         Routine sample loading can be interrupted to load STAT samples quickly

·         “Point-in-space” pipetting technology aligned with NCCLS guidelines allows integration with laboratory automation systems

·         Releases primary tube in less than five minutes for testing in other areas of the lab

On-board aliquot capability

·         Automatically creates aliquots based on the volume of requested tests plus any additional volume that may be required for user-defined reflex or re-run test scenarios

·         System stores aliquots for up to three hours in a patented, refrigerated low-evaporation compartment

·         Simplifies inventory management — utilize same type of vessel for aliquots and reactions

Proven chemiluminescent detection delivers excellent precision and sensitivity with a broad dynamic range

·         System supports multiple assay protocols to ensure peak assay performance

·         Magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection delivers exceptional clinical performance

·         Rapid assay kinetics improve TAT

Innovative system delivers powerful efficiency

·         Intuitive operator interface, with touch screen capability, maximizes efficiency

·         Auto-matched pipettors work in parallel to deliver sample and reagent into the reaction vessels – and achieves a peak throughput of 400 tests per hour

Weight: 1,390 Lbs.

Dimensions: 67(H) x 68(W) x 38(D) inches


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