Beckman Olympus AU 5421

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Beckman Olympus AU 5421 

This system has modular Configuration

  • Configurable as the two module AU5421 or the three module AU5431
  • Choice of single or dual flowcell ISE module
  • Analyzer modules are user configurable to match user needs for test channels and throughput
  • Optional auto-repeat and refrigerated QC modules available

Fast and reliable turnaround times

  • True random access
  • Precision reagent dispensing without priming requirements
  • Throughput of up to 6,600 tests per hour
  • AU5421 – (2 analyzer modules)
    • 3,200 photometric tests/hour
    • 4,100 tests/hour with single ISE
    • 5,000 tests/hour with dual ISE

AU5431 – (3 analyzer modules)

  • 4,800 photometric tests/hour
  • 5,700 tests/hour with single ISE
  • 6,600 tests/hour with dual ISE

Precision Sampling

  • Liquid level capacity detection for accurate sampling : 2-6 µL for most tests
  • Clot detection
  • Probe crash prevention

Peak workloads with 300 sample load for extended walk-away time

  • Continuous feed rack loader
  • Easy connectivity for automation
  • “Flex” racks accommodate mix of tube sizes

Flexible sample handling

  • Mixed barcode feature
  • Variety of tube sizes
  • Automated repeat testing (with optional unit) for abnormal sample results eliminates hands-on sample reprocessing
  • Pre-dilution for urines
  • Antigen check for prozone (e.g., myelomas)

Automated reagent handling

  • Reagents are liquid and ready-to-use
  • Reagent pipetting system eliminates priming
  • Multiple sized reagent cartridges hold from 100 to 6000+ tests to meet the needs of any size laboratory
  • Barcoded cartridges provide on-board management (random placement, on-board stability and calibration tracking)
  • Automatic changeover from empty to fresh bottle
  • Calibrate up to 5 sets of reagent cartridges at one time
  • All 48 reagent positions per analyzer module are open for third-party reagent use
  • Minimal reaction volume of 120 µL reduces reagent consumption
  • Reagent inventory tracking function predicts daily workloads

Software: Easy to use and train

  • Easy to navigate software with drop-down menus, icons, and color-keyed graphics
  • User menu to customize operation
  • On-screen review of QC, system status, and calibration status
  • Intelligent online guidance:
    • Operator’s guide with links, searches, and bookmarks
    • Context-specific HELP
    • Online, computer-displayed maintenance videos
  • Modem-linked technical support

CLIA compliance:

  • Operator log-in
  • Commentary for editing of QC, calibration, or patient results
  • Multi-level user definable password protection for software menus
  • Maintenance log for compliance tracking
  • Tracking of reagent consumption and consumables

Automated maintenance for minimum operator time

  • Programmable start-up
  • Automated washes and checks
  • Dry-bath technology means no water bath maintenance
  • Minimum disposables:
    • Permanent glass cuvettes
    • ISE electrodes are warranted for six months
    • No sample or reagent tips to replace

Without ISE

Weight: 2,794 Lbs

Dimensions: 130 (W) x 45 (D) x 50 (H) inches

With ISE

Weight: 3,014 Lbs

Dimensions: 148 (W) x 45 (D) x 50 (H) inches


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