Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Top 500

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Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Top 500

This system offers the below features:

User-Friendly for Increased Efficiency

  • Easy to operate with complete walkaway capabilities for improved productivity all day, every day
  • Continuous loading and unloading of samples, reagents, and cuvettes without interruption
  • Simultaneously analyzes specimens, monitors reagents, and performs hardware diagnostics
  • Intuitive operating system with user-friendly software and easy to use touch screen monitor
  • Sophisticated software scheduling optimizes testing
  • Bar-coded reagents allow for fast, simple loading; the scanner reads multiple bar-codes simultaneously
  • On-board operator’s manual and help screen provide information quickly and conveniently
  • Minimal maintenance allows for increased uptime
  • Modern ergonomic design for a safe, functional work environment

Advanced Features for Improved Patient Care

  • STAT samples may be introduced at any time, in any rack and in any position without disrupting the operation
  • Rerun and Reflex testing enable labs to automatically process abnormal or unexpected sample results
  • Clot signature curves help troubleshoot abnormal samples and gather additional clinical information to aid in patient assessment
  • Factor Parallelism aids in the analysis of factor assays while helping the laboratory determine the presence of inhibitors
  • On-board Quality Control program ensures reliable results


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