Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Elite

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Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Elite

This system offers the below features:

Benefits of the ACL ELITE PRO include:

·         Full routine test menu, including automated D-Dimer and Heparin anti-Xa

·         Rapid assay turnaround times

·         Easy-to-use “Load & Run” operation

·         Intuitive, icon-based software that helps maximize training time

·         True walk-away capability allowing any time STAT access

·         Non-interrupted loading of reagents and consumables to maximize productivity

·         Bar-coded sample and reagent capability for efficient processing

·         Require less than 10 minutes of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance

Weight: 139 Lbs.


Height: 24 inches

Width: 36 inches

Depth: 24 inches


To inquire, please call us at 253-750-0818