Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL 9000

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Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL 9000 

This system offers the below features:

  • Extensive test menu with clotting, chromogenic and immunologic capabilities
  • Clot curve analysis evaluates abnormal or unexpected test results
  • Reflex testing standardizes the decision rules
  • Automated rotor changer delivers 18 tests in 7.5 minutes
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Continuous loading with STAT interrupt
  • On board capacity for 40 samples and 18 reagents

Sample Area
The removable sample tray holds up to 40 patient samples for superior walk-away capability. This system allows you to use primary tubes of different vial dimensions and cups. Plus, the on-board bar-code reader takes care of the sample identification. The continuous loading feature maximizes access to the analyzer, allowing you to add more samples whenever you are ready.

Reagent Area
Up to 18 reagent vials may be placed in two locations on the ACL 9000. There are 8 positions which hold original reagent vials of different sizes, from the largest 16 mL fill to the smallest 4 mL fill. Four of the positions are for reagents that require refrigeration and stirring and other 4 positions are kept at ambient temperature. A second reagent area includes 10 additional positions that accept either 10 mL vials and cups.
The ACL 9000 can monitor in real time the amount of reagent in the vials using a liquid level detection system and the reagent configuration can be saved by designing “reagent maps” for an unlimited number of test combinations.

Cuvette Area
ACL 9000 provides superior system autonomy with on-board capacity of 260 reaction cuvettes –13 rotors of 20 cuvettes each. The rotors, which may be added at the user’s convenience, are automatically transported to and from the reaction measuring area by means of a slider and a robotic arm mechanism. This transfers unused rotors from their temperature controlled storage area to the area where loading and analysis take place and, once analysis is completed, from the analytical area to the waste rotor container. The rotor waste system is operator safe allowing easy removal of used rotors without interruption of system operation.

Wash-Reference Emulsion System
The larger 1-liter bottle of Wash-Reference Emulsion increases the system autonomy. A sensor that provides real time information to the user monitors the liquid level. This proven dilutor technology used in the ACL family of systems provides a high level of precision and accuracy for sample and reagent dispensation. 

Weight: 138 Lbs.

Dimensions: 11(H) x 36(W) x 24(D) inches

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