Beckman-Coulter FC 500

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Beckman-Coulter FC 500 

This system offers the below features:

  • Conducts 5-color analysis from either single or dual laser excitation.

To accommodate numerous configurations, the FC 500’s user changeable filters provide fluorochrome selection flexibility. Customized Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs) detect a broad range of wavelength emissions, which can be used for virtually any dye excited by 488 or 635 nm lasers.


  • Improves efficiency by enabling scientists to analyze more antibodies per tube than ever before on an automated system


  • Gives investigators the power to expertly manage every aspect of their flow cytometry studies with the revolutionary CXP software


Increased Flexibility with Two Lasers and Multiple Fluorochromes

  • Equipped with a collinear second laser that maintains a stable alignment with a single beam path and allows greater versatility in antibody and fluorochrome choices


  • Provides versatility to use either PC5 or APC as the fluorochrome for FL4 in multicolor immunophenotyping applications


  • Eliminates the need for time delay calculations and the challenges associated with spacially-separated beams


  • Wavelength independent detectors facilitate application development

Simplified Multicolor Analysis with Advanced digital Compensation (ADC)

Beckman Coulter’s ADC technology provides superior correction of spectral overlap and more accurate results. With ADC technology, biological samples can be used for automated color compensation, without the limitations of latex beads. Only Beckman Coulter flow cytometers offer patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for excellent linearity, drift-free amplification and color compensation.


The FC 500 with ADC also enables investigators to:

  • Perform digital signal processing with 20-bit data in real-time
  • Obtain fast, intuitive compensation feedback to set or fine-tune compensation manually with the QuickCOMP feature
  • Increase the visualization of low intensity fluorescence populations


Five-Color Analysis From A Single Laser Has Never Been Easier

Only the FC 500 can be used with a variety of fluorochromes to analyze five colors (FITC, PE, ECD, PC5 or APC and PC7) using either one or two lasers. Investigators could also use Beckman Coulter’s IOTest multicolor reagents and drop in their choice of additional conjugated antibodies to make their own combinations.

  • Performs five-dimensional automated phenotyping analysis with Prism, a unique data reduction display allowing analysis of up to 32 individual phenotypes in a single plot.
  • Extends multicolor analysis to utilize the full visible emission spectra, which further boosts the level of flexibility that can be achieved.

      Weight: 187 Lbs.

      Dimensions: 24(H) x 39(W) x 35(D) inches

      Power Supply-120 Lbs, Computer-40Lbs, Monitor-48 Lbs.


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