Beckman-Coulter DXH 800

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Beckman-Coulter DXH 800 

This system offers the below features:

Designed for reliability

  • Single aspiration pathway simplifies calibration and quality control process while eliminating mode-to-mode issues
  • Sample Aspiration Module (SAM), with its unique design, reduces aspiration volume, especially benefiting pediatric samples
  • 2D-Digital Bar Code Technology maximizes reading capability, preventing errors and reducing misreads
  • Remote Management System (RMS) increases versatility by proactively performing diagnostics with real-time troubleshooting, leading to increased instrument uptime
  • Specimen Transport Module (STM) uses a unique, patented magnetic system for continuous loading of up to 20 cassettes, allowing “load ‘n’ go” capability

Revolutionary scalability

  • Intelligent workload distribution optimizes workflow by achieving rapid turnaround times, providing STAT and ER results quickly
  • Provides automation in a small footprint
  • On-board tracking, for optimal reagent management
  • With its future upgradability the UniCel DxH 800 can be converted to a full laboratory workcell, providing tomorrow’s platform today


Innovative LEAN efficiency tools


  • Extended decision rules promote consistent quality laboratory practices while reducing post-analytical errors and review rates
  • Customizable repeat/reflex testing maximizes efficiency by automatically tracking samples, reducing retrieval time and repeating the analysis without operator intervention
  • The UniCel DxH 800 shares the same user interface as the UniCel DxC and UniCel DxI systems, reducing the training needs of your generalist
  • Intelligent Quality Monitoring (IQM) promotes confidence in results by allowing real-time monitoring and avoiding process variances

Exceptional quality of results

  • High Definition Cellular Analysis on the UniCel DxH 800 provides four times greater resolution and achieves new levels of performance
  • Flow Cytometric Digital Morphology (FCDM) optimizes performance by providing 10 times more data per sample than existing technologies, allowing reduced review rates
  • With its multi-angle scatter technology, onboard reagents and new advanced algorithms, the UniCel DxH 800 provides an unrivaled NRBC, with no need for special or expensive stains

Using its data fusion capability, the system will correct for most of the common interferences in today’s laboratory, ensuring first-pass accuracy and efficiency

Weight: 260 Lbs.

Dimensions: 38(H) x 30(W) x 31(D) inches

Pneumatic Supply Weight: 41 Lbs.

Dimensions: 15(H) x 9(W) x20(D) inches

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