Beckman-Coulter AC-T Diff 5 AL

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Beckman-Coulter AC-T Diff 5 AL

This system offers the below features:

Easy-To-Use Data Management

·         Easy quality control file management

·         Downloadable Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) data and uploadable control assay reduce manual data manipulation and save time

·         Qualitative flagging speeds review of patient results and decreases turnaround time

Easy To Operate

·         Int.ted autoloader accommodates 100 sample loading for higher testing capacity

·         Two additional sample tube holders accommodate tubes of varying sizes, such as pediatric tubes, for increased system flexibility during manual mode sampling

·         Internal barcode reader for positive sample identification

·         STAT interrupt, enabling operators to bypass the autoloader and load an emergency sample for prioritized testing

·         Comprehensive on-board Help database uses key word searches to help solve problems quickly and easily

·         Random access testing for complete workflow flexibility

·         Specially formulated reagents, controls and calibrators ensure accuracy

Weight: 121 Lbs.

Dimensions: 22(H) x 32(W) x 22(D) inches


To inquire, please call us at 253-750-0818