Beckman Access 2

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Beckman Access 2

This system offers the below features:

Simplify System Operation

·         New touch-panel user interface improves data & sample management

·         View rack and run completion time on screen, in real time

·         Quickly view information on requested test, pending work and test results

·         Perform user-defined reflex testing to eliminate repetitive, manual processes

·         Check status of required supplies

·         Runs on Windows® NT software for optimal operator effectiveness

·         Take advantage of enhanced on-board quality control

Network and sample handling capability improve productivity

·         Link up to four systems through a single LIS interface for greater efficiency

·         Instruments share information such as test requests and test results

·         Streamline workflow with the system’s flexible sample handling, using bar-coded primary and/or aliquot tubes

Innovative menu and accurate test results

·         Cardiac panel inlcludes AccuTnI™ Troponin I and BNP*

·         Magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection technology achieves wide analytical range and fast assay processing

·         Twenty-four resident assays with continuous random access and STAT capability

·         On-board refrigeration enhances reagent stability

Weight: 200 Lbs.

Dimensions: 19(H) x 39(W) x 24(D) inches


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