Abbott Cell-Dyn Ruby

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Abbott Cell-Dyn Ruby

This system offers the below features:

  • MAPSS (Multi-angle, Polarized Scatter Separation) technology to provide accurate optical readings for WBCs with 5-part WBC differential.
  • Cell by cell analysis using hydrodynamic focusing.
  • Accurate WBC enumeration and identification using 4 angles of light scatter on up to 10,000 events per cycle.
  • Multiple scatter plot analysis for identification of abnormal cells and interfering substances.
  • Dual angle optical light scatter accurately enumerates and sizes platelets to reduce manual counts and blood smear reviews.
  • Available full time with no need to repeat the sample in another test mode.
  • Red Blood Cell counts including indices using 3 angles of light scatter, cell sphering and hydrodynamic focusing for accuracy.

Weight: 235 Lbs.

Dimensions: 32(H) x 20(W) x 30(D) inches


To inquire, please call us at 253-750-0818