Abbott Architect ci8200

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Abbott Architect ci8200 

This system from Abbott Diagnostics is an integrated system consolidating clinical chemistry assay and immunoassays on one platform

Workstation integration delivers high throughput and fast turnaround

  • Throughput of up to 1,200 clinical chemistry and 200 immunoassay tests per hour enhances workflow
  • One operator interface for both chemistry and immunoassay testing reduces staff training and delivers one combined report
  • One LIS interface reduces connectivity costs
  • Large onboard reagent capacity of 25 immunoassays and 68 chemistries reduces operator intervention and minimizes sample splitting

Multi-Dimensional Sampling (MDS) improves laboratory workflow

  • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) maximizes analytical productivity with “real time” STAT, automated rerun, and reflex testing capabilities
  • Sample loading of up to 367 samples via priority (35), routine (300), and carousel (32) areas provides continuous sample access
  • Calibrator and quality control materials can be run via the RSH or sample carousel, providing additional loading flexibility
  • Clot detection utilizing pressure differential technology ensures accurate sampling
  • Minimal sample carryover of less than 0.1 ppm increases confidence in results

Operator productivity is maximized to reduce hands-on time

  • Multiple reagent kit and cartridge sizes allow customization and minimize reagent waste
  • 2-D barcoded reagents provide data on lot numbers, calibration curves, and expiration dates for automatic tracking
  • Extensive calibration and reagent stability reduce reagent usage and operator hands-on time
  • ci-Series 5-position carrier and tray processes multiple sample types, calibration, and quality control material to reduce sample sorting
  • Intuitive indicator lights assist the operator in assessing sample status at a glance
  • Large onboard consumable and buffer supplies provide 5-hour walkaway time

Established platform technologies ensure confidence

  • Patented technologies deliver extended dynamic ranges, excellent sensitivity, and cost efficiencies
    1. Chemiflex®
    2. Int.ted Chip Technology™ (ICT)
    3. FlexRate™
    4. SmartWash™ washing system

Sophisticated software that’s easy to use

  • Software common to all ci-Series modules reduces staff training and allows for customization
  • Touch screen interface with icon-driven, easy-to-navigate software
  • Less than 3 seconds screen response time and a maximum of 2 layers to execute a task
  • On-line operator manuals, on-line help, automatically updated maintenance logs, and computer-based training
  • Modem diagnostic capability
  • Levy-Jennings QC tracking for up to 35,000 QC points

i2000 Weight: 1,100 Lbs

i2000 Dimensions: 44 x 68 x 48 inches

C8000 Weight: 1,425 Lbs.

C8000 Dimensions: 49 x 79 x 48 inches


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