Sciex 5500 Triple Quad

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Sciex 5500 Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

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This system is is equipped to conquer your laboratory’s most complex workflows and opportunities. With this LC-MS/MS system, you will have the sensitivity and performance to easily meet analytical and regulatory demands for low-level trace detection.

Triple Quad LC-MS/MS systems deliver superior quantitative results in a single injection workflow. When you activate the optional QTRAP functionality, your instrument acts as a linear ion trap (LIT). This allows you to acquire even more data from your sample without sacrificing the sensitivity or quality of your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis. The QTRAP technology incorporates additional scan types, such as MRM3 (MS/MS/MS), Enhanced Product Ion scans (EPI) and many more. The additional scans can run at the same time you are acquiring your MRM, without any impact on performance or quality of data.

Key Features:

  • Robust, high-throughput platform for all stages of pharmaceutical development
  • Excellent results for highly-multiplexed peptide quantitation
  • Unequalled accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lowest limits of detection available for DMPK and ADMET studies


Sciex 5500 Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

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