Sciex 4500 QTRAP

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Sciex 4500 QTRAP

This system is a workhorse instrument for a wide range of analytical applications.

The AB Sciex 4500 Mass Spectrometer is incredibly robust and sure to boost productivity and efficiency within any lab.

It can handle difficult applications requiring round-the-clock quantitation, with the robustness to handle repeated injections of complex samples and reliability to minimize downtime.

What makes a QTRAP system so remarkable? While having the capability to function like a standard triple quad LC-MS/MS, it also doubles as a linear ion trap (LIT), proprietary technology that can perform a multitude of additional workflows beyond basic multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) for better specificity and quantitative performance.

The enhanced MS scan is the standard QTRAP® system MS scan where ions are transmitted from the source (Turbo V® Ion Source or IoDrive® System Technology) through the RF mode quadrupoles into the ion trap. The ion trap is filled, and the ions are scanned out axially to the detector. The scan type delivers a highly sensitive full scan for the detection of unknown analytes when your conventional MS/MS system struggles to see a response.

Q-TRAP Series

The AB Sciex 4500 Mass Spectrometer boosts productivity and lab efficiency. Sciex explains all the benefits and technology of this mass spectrometer.

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