At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., our experience and expertise in working with medical, pharmaceutical, research and testing labs and facilities gives us an insight into common myths and misunderstandings that are often a concern the first time a facility makes a choice to purchase used chemistry lab equipment.

To assist our new customers in having the facts in hand about used chemistry lab equipment, or to address these issues with potential customers, here are some of the most common myths we are questioned about.

Myth: All Used Lab Equipment is Outdated

If you take a few minutes to search by manufacturer, model or equipment category, you will quickly see that MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. offers some of the latest models and options in all of our used and refurbished chemistry lab equipment.

In fact, we don’t typically sell old or outdated equipment except to fill specific customer requests. We work with labs that are closing, labs that are downsizing or labs that simply are changing their testing equipment or systems to keep the latest models in stock.

Myth: There is no Warranty

With our refurbished chemistry lab equipment we do offer a warranty. We are able to do this as the equipment has been inspected, repaired, updated and tested prior to leaving our facility.
Not all used chemistry lab equipment will have a warranty. If this is important for your specific needs, just talk to our staff.

Myth: Used Equipment is Not Reliable

Our tested used or our completely refurbished chemistry lab equipment is reliable. It is more reliable than buying it privately from another testing facility or an online auction or equipment broker.