It’s not uncommon for our staff at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. to get some very predictbale questions from lab managers or buyers from testing, medical and research facilities when they first become aware of the ability to buy quality used medical equipment.

In many cases, these questions stem from myths and misunderstanding from online blogs, articles, and forums where lab managers have dealt with unscrupulous equipment companies and sellers. The reality is that at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we have a top reputation with our customers and in the used equipment industry in general. We do not use the dishonest tactics and methods of disreputable companies, and you will find our used medical equipment to be just as advertised.

To address a few common myths or concerns we hear, let’s take a closer look at the myth as well as the way we address the issue at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc.

Misunderstanding: The Equipment is Old

Not true! It’s common for labs or research facilities to upgrade to new models when they hit the market regardless of how long it’s been since the last edition came out. Many facilities, especially in research, need to be on the cutting edge of the technological curve and if new capabilities become available, they need to have them.

I won’t be able to find the machine I want.

We offer a full range of different equipment models, manufacturers, and features. We provide all specifications and information about the equipment and, if you have additional questions, you can call our team, and we will provide any information you need.

Refurbished equipment and used equipment is always sold that meets all standards and requirements. Refurbished equipment is like-new and has been fully updated to meet manufacturer specifications.

Misunderstanding: If the Equipment Fails, I Have No Recourse

We provide a warranty with all of the refurbished equipment we sell. We can offer these warranties as we have fully inspected and repaired the equipment to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. We also fully test our for refurbished equipment, machines and systems.

With our warranty, just like the manufacturer’s warranty, we do back our work and the equipment we sell. To learn more about our refurbishing process or about the models in our inventory, call us today at 800-414-7169 or chat with us on the site.