With over 30 years of experience in working with medical facilities to buy surplus and used equipment, MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. has helped healthcare centers all over the country clear space and recoup purchase costs. Getting rid of old equipment isn’t just about making money, it is also about conserving limited space in a facility and having the ability to upgrade to our like-new refurbished or used equipment.

As one of the nation’s leading used medical equipment buyers, our goal is to assist our customers with every aspect of the sale. This means we will work with your team to provide information and support all throughout the process.

What to Expect

When we are your buyer, expect to be treated like a VIP customer. Our purchasing agents will spend the time evaluating your surplus equipment and provide a fair market value based on its age, condition and the demand for the specific make, model, and type of equipment.

You will find we are very competitive in our offers, plus we will arrange for pickup and removal of the old equipment from the facility. This is helpful as these logistics issues can be difficult to arrange. We can assist with the decontamination of the equipment when needed, which also helps to save time and money in getting the equipment ready for shipment.

Paperwork Matters

Your buyer will always provide a fully signed and binding agreement for the sale. We don’t buy equipment “conditionally” which means you will have the payment from MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. before the equipment ships. We will never refuse the equipment retroactively as our buyers have the ability to provide the assessment necessary at your facility.

Confidence in the buyer, trust, and professionalism is what you can expect from our team. We can talk to you at any time about surplus equipment, or check our wanted list to see what is in demand from our customers.