As a leader in the sale of pre-owned medical, laboratory and testing equipment in the United States, we deal with thousands of customers across the country representing all types of facilities from small private testing labs to groundbreaking research facilities.

All these types of testing and research services, including all those in between the two extremes, have issues and considers in common with buying equipment. Cost is a big factor, particularly for small to mid-sized labs with output being a major consideration for larger labs.

One way to address both cost and testing requirements is to consider the addition of refurbished lab equipment. There are several distinct advantages of this choice over new equipment that can be important with any lab.

Cost Saving Potential

For small labs, refurbished lab equipment offers a low-cost option to have new models of equipment that would not be affordable if purchased brand new. This allows the lab to offer highly competitive testing services without going outside of their inventory and equipment budget.

For mid to large sized labs, the cost savings of the equipment allows for the addition of equipment to increase throughput without compromising on the quality of data and results. With savings of less than two thirds the price of new equipment, this is an important consideration.

Increased Capability

While addition refurbished lab equipment will increase the capacity of testing for any lab, it is also possible to increase testing capabilities. With new technology in analyzers, sequencers and liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry systems as well as triple quad systems, moving to new equipment can offer a range of different testing possibilities for a lab.

Let our team assist you in finding the right lab equipment to address gaps in your testing capacity or capabilities. With a significantly reduced price and a warranty, our refurbished equipment will add value to your lab. Call us today at 800-414-7169 to find out more.