There are many choices, decisions, and options to consider when looking for used gas chromatography equipment. At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we have a highly experienced sales staff that can help our customers to evaluate different systems to determine just the right replacement equipment or add-on equipment to their current testing options.

There are some questions that can be answered in advance of shopping online for used gas chromatography equipment. Taking the time to get a good understanding of what you require in the equipment will be a very positive step to take. This will ensure the equipment considered meets all of the basic testing requirements before getting caught up in looking at the different features and functions that are unique to a particular model.

Testing Needs

No matter what model or manufacturer you are considering, all gas chromatographs are designed to separate gaseous compounds as they are passed across a solid, stationary phase. There are several different components of the system that do vary slightly in design, features, and options based on the model.

To get the right system, take an inventory of the type, number, and specifics of the typical and infrequent tests that the equipment will be needed to run. This includes the volume of tests and the type.

As there are different detectors used in different gas chromatographs, knowing the testing requirements and the best option in detectors in the systems will be an important first step.


As with most lab and testing equipment, there are more streamlined and compact systems with a limited footprint and those that are much larger systems that take up considerable space. Some are benchtop models, while others will be much larger and will need to be carefully considered for existing labs where space and lab configuration will need to be considered.