Making a choice to sell used medical equipment is a wise decision for hospitals, healthcare labs, testing facilities or research laboratories. Too much old equipment simply takes up valuable storage space and ends up obsolete and worth nothing more than scrap material prices.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we work with labs, hospitals and healthcare facilities selling used medical equipment. We provide a transparent, open and clear process and our buyers can provide you with support services for decontaminating and preparing the equipment. We also arrange to ship as part of our service, which takes all the pressure off of the seller.

Here are some great ideas to consider if this is the first foray into selling used medical equipment. Each of these tips will help you to be better prepared to evaluate buyers and offers.

Look Online

Look online for companies offering to buy used medical equipment. Relying on local companies, especially in small centers, will limit your market. This, in turn, will limit the amount you are offered. By choosing a larger company like MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we pay higher prices because we have a constant demand.

Find a Reputable Company

Always take the time to check the reputation of the company you are considering. There are unscrupulous buyers out there and companies that will underpay or outright scam sellers.

We only use transparent and ethical buying practices as do other reputable buyers, but there are problem companies out there with very poor reputations among equipment sellers and buyers.

Have a Reasonable Understanding of Value

It can be different when selling used medical equipment to have an accurate idea about a fair market value. It is a good idea to search different used medical equipment companies and get a good feel for the ballpark asking price. Remember, the buyer’s offer will be below this price, but if you have a reasonable understanding, you will feel more comfortable in assessing the offer.