The staff at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. are not just in sales, they are in sales in one of the leading used and refurbished medical and analytical equipment companies in the United States.

Our Difference

This does make a difference for our customers, as calling into our sales team will provide you with information, insight, and ideas on options to consider if you are looking for your next used chemistry analyzer.
Unlike manufacturers that are trying to sell the newest model or some used equipment companies that only have a limited selection, our sales people can provide honest, practical and real-world information about the performance of the different makes and models of used chemistry analyzer systems we have in stock.
In addition, we can often track down specific models you may require that are not currently in our inventory. With our network of customers and facilities, we can usually locate a surplus analyzer and have it available for you within a short period of time.
If you are looking for a quality used chemistry analyzer and aren’t sure which make or model is right, here are some important questions to answer before you get in touch.

Testing Requirements

It is very helpful for our staff to understand the testing requirements for the equipment. This includes the types of samples, the volume of testing in the lab as well as the lab size.
The ideal analyzer for a small lab with a limited range of samples is not going to be the same make and model needed by a large lab with multiple sample options and a large volume throughput.

Size, Budget and Features

It will also be important to know the size restrictions on the equipment and if it is to be a benchtop or free-standing type of systems. Make a list of the features and functions you need as well as those you would like to have, this will help narrow down the choices.
Finally, know your general budget. We offer extremely low prices on all of our chemical analysis systems, just give us a call at 800-414-7169, and we can get started finding the right match for your needs.