At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., we work closely with hospitals, research centers, testing labs and private diagnostic and testing facilities to provide the best-quality used laboratory, medical, and diagnostic equipment on the market. This includes newer models of a range of different models and options in used DNA equipment.

Our teams of experienced buyers know what our customers are looking for when choosing used equipment. Each customer can arrange to purchase used or surplus equipment from any facility. In addition, we can also work with labs and testing facilities to coordinate the sale of old equipment and the purchase and delivery of our used and refurbished equipment.

Important Factors

When purchasing used DNA equipment from MYCO Instrumentation, our customers need to know that some equipment is fully tested before it is listed as part of our inventory. This applies to refurbished equipment whereas used equipment is sourced from our reputable seller network and shipped expediently to get to your facility faster. If you have any problems, we’ll ship it back and refund your purchase price.

All equipment testing is done by our trained technicians, who test all functions and features of the equipment, ensuring full operation of the equipment when it arrives. With refurbished equipment, there is the additional consideration of the warranty – an important factor for many labs.

Range of Models

Our used DNA equipment inventory is newer models of systems which include some of the leading manufacturers in the field. This includes both Beckman and Applied Biosystems models.

Whether your lab has different throughput requirements, space considerations, or needs integration of equipment into current lab systems, our team will work closely with you to choose the right DNA equipment.

Our team of sales representatives has extensive experience in the life science/DNA equipment field. This allows our team members to suggest options for equipment, answer technical questions, and provide the quality customer support throughout the sales process, setting us apart from the competition.

To learn more about the most up-to-date inventory listings for both used and refurbished DNA equipment, call us today at 800-414-7169!