Hospital labs, medical clinics, and medical testing facilities are set up to provide quality tests for patients to allow doctors to make the most informed decisions in patient care. At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we understand how important having the correct equipment is to do those tests. We also realize that buying new equipment to have the most up-to-date test options is not easy as budgets are slashed, and labs are asked to do more with less.

We provide the option for our medical labs and testing facilities to work within the budget by purchasing fully tested new or like-new refurbished medical testing equipment. This is often at up to 70% off new prices, without any loss in performance.

Whether you choose our refurbished or used equipment or choose to purchase new, it is very likely you will want to sell your existing equipment. When selling used medical equipment, there are two common issues that can end up costing you money.

Shipping Costs

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we provide shipping as part of our service when you are selling used medical equipment to our buyers. Other medical refurbishing companies will quote a price and then, somewhere in the fine print, notify you of the shipping charges that you will pay. This can be a significant cost, often drastically cutting down on revenue generated from the sale.

Partial Payments Up Front

Some buyers take advantage of the facilities selling used medical equipment by offering a partial payment upon purchase and then offering to send the balance upon inspection and approval of the equipment at their location.

This is typically a scam as the equipment rarely will “pass” inspection when received. Then, you are left to either abandon the equipment with them for just the initial partial payment or pay shipping and handling costs to get it back.

At MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. we don’t use these methods. We will arrange for shipping as part of our purchase and provide full payment up front before we take possession of the equipment. This gives our sellers complete confidence in the transaction, which is just one of the reasons we have customers for life.