Donate Your Used Lab Equipment

Donate your used lab equipment and do some good in the world!

Donating your used lab equipment can truly benefit everyone involved. Donating your used lab equipment is 100% tax deductible and also provides much needed help to villages in the High Andes of Peru. See below for more information on the process and our frequently asked questions!

Have used lab equipment you would like to donate?  Donate used lab equipment here. DONATE EQUIPMENT (


Can I donate used lab equipment?

Yes, you can donate your equipment.  We work with a charity group that accepts eligible used laboratory equipment.  You can apply to see if your equipment is eligible for donation. Fill out the form here.


Where can I donate it?

Hope Projects International,

Again, there is a short evaluation to determine if the instrument is eligible for donation. Our charity group does that evaluation and will determine eligibility. If the used lab equipment is suitable for donation, you will submit the information, and the team will schedule a pick-up.


Can I get a tax credit for donating my used lab equipment? 

           Yes, there are potential tax benefits to donating your used laboratory equipment. However, every situation and circumstance is different.  We always recommend working with an account or tax professional for all tax-related questions.


Where do the proceeds for the donated equipment go?

All the used lab instruments donations benefit an international charity organization called Hope Projects International,

Myco Instrumentation’s philanthropy division works with Hope Projects International to help villages in the High Andes of Peru. Hope Projects supports projects that provide basic needs, build safer homes, and create more viable communities for these Peruvian villages.

It is an exciting charity that genuinely helps people help themselves. These Indigenous villages live at 15,000 feet and struggle each day to live their lives. When Hope Projects sponsors a village, they help bring in clean water and sanitation systems, helping lower the death rate for children from 85% to 10%. Education and clean water drastically impacts their lives and prevents illnesses in these villages that result in early deaths.

Once the Peru villages have safe drinking water and the basic health needs are met, Hope Projects works with the Peruvian communities to create schools, medical clinics, greenhouses, and other agricultural entrepreneurial projects to help the villagers become more self-sufficient and generate income.

We have worked with Hope Projects since 2016. At the end of 2021, the owner of Myco Instrumentation, Bryan Biddulph, went to see these villages for himself. Biddulph and the MYCO team are proud to work with such a great organization and provide a place to donate used lab equipment where 100% of the donations go directly to the people in need.

If you have any additional questions, please email