While many of our customers have been with us for years, we are always happy to provide some tips, ideas, and strategies for those new to buying used or refurbished medical equipment. By buying at MYCO Instrumentation, Inc., you have complete confidence that the purchase you make will be equipment that is delivered exactly as described and the working and cosmetic appearance you were expecting.

To help our new customers, or even our existing customers when they buy medical equipment from our site, we offer the following tips to make the experience easier and more streamlined.

Buy In Advance

We realize that life cycles of equipment are not always easy to predict, but waiting to the last minute and after an equipment failure in your lab always creates more pressure when you need to buy medical equipment.

By shopping in advance and close to the life cycle expectancy of your equipment, it is possible to take the time and select the correct model and features from our stock. If we don’t have what you need in our current listings, we can work with our buyers to find a model that will suit your requirements.

Know Your Needs

Often, when people are online to buy medical equipment, they aren’t sure of the basic needs of the equipment based on their testing requirements and their laboratory requirements.

Taking the time to create a list of “must have” features and optional features will give a clear picture of the capabilities and capacity of the equipment as well as what would be beneficial but not essential.