Most of our customers are repeat clients that we work with to supply refurbished or like-new medical and laboratory equipment to their facilities. Our competitive pricing, value-added customer support, and our quality equipment have earned us a great reputation in this industry that our customers recognize.

Unfortunately, many people that are tasked with buying equipment, particularly specialized systems such as used liquid chromatography equipment, make mistakes and end up working with unscrupulous or simply uninformed equipment companies. Understanding the difference between MYCO Instrumentation, Inc. and other outlets selling used liquid chromatography equipment is key.

Customer Service and Support

There are a lot of technical differences, features, and functions on the various models and designs of used liquid chromatography equipment we offer for sale. This is also true with other dealers, websites and even with online auction sites offering used lab and medical equipment.

The advantage with MYCO is our 30 plus years in the industry. Our sales staff is very familiar with all of our equipment and can assist in helping you select the best make and model for your specific testing needs. Other websites just offer sales, they have limited if any expertise and knowledge with the equipment in real-world testing applications.

Detailed Listings

We recognize that our customers are busy professionals that don’t have time to spend on the phone trying to find out details of different liquid chromatography systems. To help you, we provide a full overview of the equipment currently in our inventory as well as information about any additional specifications and details that are relevant.